Thanks to the students, teachers and
schools who were part of
The Electro-Pup Tryout Tour:
P.S. 6 - New York, NY
Equestrian Trails Elementary - Wellington, FL
P.S. 244 - Flushing, NY
Point Dume Elementary - Malibu, CA
Hubbard Woods Elementary - Winnetka, IL
Lincoln Elementary - Edison, NJ
Fabyan Elementary - Geneva, IL
P.S. 75 - New York, NY
Willamsburg Elementary - Geneva, IL
North Shore Country Day - Winnetka, IL
Ethical Culture School - New York, NY

"I want to marry this book."

"Funny and exciting."

"A lot of edge-of-your-seat moments."

"You want to know what's gonna happen next, which
makes you want to read and read and read."

"I didn't like this book.  I LOVED this book."

"This book will make a really good TV series."

"I like this book because it has a lot of action,
and I love action books."

"I want to read this book a million times."

"I like how Luke, Mojo and Noah are just like investigators."


"Electro-Pup can be a cool game."

"Amazing.  I can't wait to read the final product."

"It's like a mystery. - What's gonna happen?"

"Funny, but real life.  This is a great book."

"I give this book 10 out of 10."

"I really like this book, and I want it now."

"Jeff Baron’s upcoming book Electro-Pup is at the top of my students’ 'I
want to read' list and it isn’t even published yet!

It meant so much to the students to offer their suggestions, and they felt
empowered to know that their ideas mattered.

For students to engage with an author at this level is an incredible
experience and an honor; one that my students will never forget."

Christine Barr - School Librarian - Harrison St. Elementary

"As an elementary school librarian, I have hosted many author visits over
the years. Some are more entertaining than others, but in the end, they are
presentations. That’s why our latest experience with author Jeff Baron was
so refreshingly novel.

As his book
Electro-Pup enters its final pre-publication phase, Jeff wanted
feedback.  In separate sessions with the entire second, third, fourth and
fifth grades, Jeff shared excerpts from the book in order to elicit
comments.  He took notes and he probed for more specificity.  As a follow-
up, students were encouraged to send him any additional comments in
writing – which they did!

The whole process left the students clamoring to know when Electro-Pup
would be published, with a sense of ownership that was exciting to
witness.  They knew without a doubt that their opinions mattered and that
someone was listening.  And that is what I call a successful author visit!"

Meredith Carlson, School Librarian, Williamsburg Elementary
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Elementary in Edison, NJ
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Luke always wanted a dog.  
He finds Mojo at the local pet shelter.  
Now he's got to convince his parents.  

Things move forward, but then something
very strange happens.  

It's a comedy-adventure for the whole

At 11 elementary schools in five different states, I
visited classrooms and school libraries and tried out
chapters of Electro-Pup for over 2,000 second, third,
fourth and fifth graders.  About half of them read the
whole book, and after every visit, sometimes in
person, sometimes on Skype, I asked the students
lots of questions about the book and the characters.  
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